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All Seasons

2017-2018 Season

The Taming 2

The Taming

Sep 21 – Oct 22, 2017

A hilarious, raucous, all-female “power-play” about revolutionizing the American government.

Beau Jest - Patrick, Vanessa & Michael

Beau Jest

Nov 16 – Dec 23, 2017

A charming family comedy with a tender heart.

Doublewide - Joseph, Katelyn


Mar 22 – Apr 22, 2018

A heartfelt and funny exploration of how far one family will go to hold on to their dreams… and each other.

Out of Orbit - Michael, Christine, Emily

Out of Orbit

May 17 – Jun 17, 2018

A tender dramedy about the challenges of a unique mother-daughter relationship.

Memoir - Karen, John


Jul 12 – Aug 19, 2018

A delightful comedy about the greatest French actress of the later 19th century, Sarah Bernhardt.

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