At the Williamston Theatre
Tuesday, December 1, 2020
11am, 3pm, 7pm

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Giving Tuesday is the official launch of the holiday giving season! In 2020, we are presenting our third annual Giving Tuesday Play-A-Thon. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to go online with our readings to allow everyone to experience some wonderful stories from the comfort and safety of their own homes via Zoom. Readings will feature some of your favorite WT actors. Zoom information follows each description below.

Plays to look forward to…

First Snow

by Joseph Zettelmaier

A Holiday Comedy.  After disappearing for 10 years, Evan Harris has returned to his home town for a Christmas party.  His old friends from high school want to know where he’s been, why he left, and if he’s still the same guy they loved many years ago.  Between spiked eggnog, snowstorms, power outages and old secrets resurfacing, Evan wonders if he really will be able to have a happy homecoming. Featuring Darah Donaher, Michael Herman, Dan Johnson, Josie Lapcyznski, Allison Megroet. Click here to be admitted to the Zoom reading.

Leveling Up
by Deborah Zoe Laufer

How do you straddle the fuzzy line between reality and virtual reality when you’re playing video games 20 hours a day? Ian, Zan, and Chuck are two years out of college when the government comes looking for expert gamers to launch remote missiles. And the bombs and the guns and the screams and the victories look so much like the ones on their Xbox.  A fascinating exploration of the intersection of games, war, relationships, and the uncertain future young people of today have before them. Featuring Aral Gribble, Dan Johnson, Michael Lopetrone, and Allison Megroet. Click here to be admitted to the Zoom reading.

The Hat Box
by Eric Coble
Do we every really know our parents?  Do we ever really want to?  Two sisters are about to find out when they discover a hat box hidden in the back of their recently deceased father’s closet.  What sits inside sends them off to visit eccentric Aunt Esther on an increasingly wild ride down memory lane.  With surprising twists and hilarious turns, this comedy of family lore revels in the bizarre and beautiful mysteries that make up a life. Featuring Ruth Crawford, Sarab Kamoo, Brenda Lane, Hugh Maguire, and Emily Sutton-Smith. Click here to be admitted to the Zoom reading.