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2022-2023 Season

The Magnolia Ballet Part 1

The Magnolia Ballet, Part 1

Oct 13 – Nov 06, 2022

A Southern Gothic fable about a Queer Black boy, his father and the ghosts that live in the walls of their old family home.

Wild Horses HERO logo

Wild Horses

Jan 26 – Feb 26, 2023

A savagely funny play about a threshold summer that forever alters an adolescent girl.

Mrs Harrison Hero Logo

Mrs. Harrison

Mar 23 – Apr 23, 2023

A tale of two women with a history and one truth in the present moment.

Alabaster Hero Logo


May 18 – Jun 18, 2023

A bittersweet portrait that explores the meaning and purpose of art, and the struggle of the lost and tortured souls that seek to create it.

Be Here Now Hero Logo

Be Here Now

Jul 13 – Aug 20, 2023

A comedic look at what we’re willing to do for love and happiness, and to create meaning in our lives.

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