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Julia Garlotte

  • Actor
  • Designer


Julia Garlotte has designed sound for nine shows at Williamston Theatre (Thespie Award winner for Our Lady of Poison and The Woman in Black) and has performed in two (Art of Murder and 10:53). Some of Julia's other local on-stage credits include: Fortinbras and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde at The Penny Seats; Haunted: The Great Lakes Ghost Project at Roustabout Theatre; The Odd Couple (female version) at Tipping Point Theatre; Noises Off at The Encore Musical Theatre; and King Lear at Shakespeare in Detroit (Wilde Award Winner, Best Performance - The Bard). She is a lover of cats and stories, a graduate of The U of M Residential College and makes beaded jewelry for her Etsy shop, TheElvenCat.


Our Lady of Poison: Thespie Award for Best Sound Design, Julia Garlotte
The Woman in Black: Thespie Award for Best Sound Design: Julia Garlotte
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