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Quintessa Gallinat

  • Designer


Quintessa Gallinat is grateful for every opportunity to work with exceptional folks at Williamston Theatre. Her previous WT sound design credits include New Releases, Silent Sky (2019 Thespie Award, Best Sound Design), Doublewide, The Taming, The Nerd, This Wonderful Life (2010 Wilde Award, Best Sound Design), and Music From a Sparkling Planet. Quintessa has designed for a number of regional companies, including Tipping Point Theatre, Kickshaw Theatre, and The Purple Rose Theatre Company. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Alma College and is a graduate of the Purple Rose Apprentice Program.


Silent Sky: 2019 Thespie Award, Best Sound Design, Qunitessa Gallinat
The Nerd: 2017 Thespie Award, Best Sound Design, Quintessa Gallinat
This Wonderful Life (2009): 2010 Wilde Award, Best Sound Design, Quintessa Gallinat
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