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This Wonderful Life (2009)

by Steve Murray
Conceived by Mark Setlock

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This Wonderful Life (2009)

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A beloved American film classic, "It’s A Wonderful Life" comes to the stage in this one-man tour de force that delivers a witty and moving story that is sure to capture your heart and captivate your spirit. There’s the family man George Bailey; evil and miserly Mr. Potter; Clarence, the dotty angel in waiting; devoted Mary, and Zuzu with her petals. But we can’t forget the image of a man standing alone on a bridge on Christmas Eve…the story of how he got there, and how he found his way back home. This Wonderful Life reminds us of the power of perspective, friendship and family. Superbly adapted from the most irresistible and entertaining “what if” story of all time. A holiday experience for the whole family.

Creative Team


  • 2010 Pulsar Award, Best Play
  • 2009 Pulsar Award, Best Actor in a Play, John Lepard
  • 2010 Thespie Award Runner Up, Best Actor in a Play, John Lepard
  • 2010 Wilde Award, Best Actor in a Drama, John Lepard
  • 2010 Wilde Award, Best Sound Design, Quintessa Gallinat
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