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Katherine Banks

  • Actor


Katherine Banks is grateful to be back onstage at Williamston where she previously appeared in Silent Sky.  At Tipping Point Theatre, Katherine was onstage in Every Brilliant Thing (Wilde Award, Members Choice Award), The Odd Couple, and The Baxter Sisters.  In Chicago, Katherine appeared in the Jeff Award winning Men Should Weep with Griffin Theatre and in the sold-out production of She Kills Monsters at the Steppenwolf Garage.  Film/TV credits include No Sudden Move (HBO Max, dir. Stephen Soderbergh) and Mindhunter (Netflix, dir. David Fincher).  Katherine currently teaches drama at Greenhills School in Ann Arbor. 


Silent Sky: 2019 Thespie Award, Best Lead Actress, Katherine Banks
Alabaster: 2023 Thespie Award, Best Actress, Katherine Banks
Alabaster: 2023 Wilde Award, Best Lead Actress in a Play, Katherine Banks
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