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900 Miles to International Falls

by Annie Martin

900 Miles to International Falls

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The year is 2054, and our world is unrecognizable: aliens, war, and a congratulatory sheet cake for each baby born. In this future, a woman’s work is never done but always vital. Tanya remembers a world where there was more than war and refuses to surrender her son to the chaos surrounding them now. When she befriends a young mother-to-be she thinks she’s found an ally…. but the universe has other, unexpected plans for them. This compelling drama explores mothers, sons, and the importance of connections. Contains adult content and language.

Creative Team



  • Wilde Award: Best Drama
  • Wilde Award: Best New Script, Annie Martin
  • Wilde Award: Best Director, Tony Caselli
  • Wilde Award: Best Actress, Casaundra Freeman
  • Wilde Award: Best Supporting Actor, jøn kent
  • Wilde Award: Best Visual Design using multi-media, Alison Dobbins
  • Wilde Award: Best Prop Design, Michelle Raymond
  • Thespie Award: Best Original Script, Annie Martin
  • Thespie Award: Best Media Design, Alison Dobbins
  • Thespie Award: Best Featured Actress, Heather Mahoney
  • Pulsar Award: Best Play
  • Pulsar Award: Best Original Script, Annie Martin
  • Pulsar Award: Best Director, Tony Caselli
  • Pulsar Award: Best Lighting Design, Reid G. Johnson
  • Pulsar Award: Best Specialization, Alison Dobbins
  • Pulsar Award: Best Supporting Acress, Heather Mahoney
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