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To Quiet The Quiet

by Christy Hall

To Quiet The Quiet


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A World Premiere

Having suffered great loss and heartbreak in her life, Kathy, now middle-aged and alone, is a woman on the edge. Haunted by her past, and her own personal demons, Kathy seems to be losing the battle against her thoughts, her words and her fears. The one man who can help Kathy may prove to be just as powerless against her. To Quiet The Quiet, a new mystery play, will keep you riveted through its deepest, darkest secrets. Contains adult content and language.

Creative Team


  • 2019 Pulsar Award, Best Properties Design, Michelle Raymond
  • 2019 Pulsar Award, Best Supporting Actor, John Lepard
  • 2019 Pulsar Award, Best Original Script, Christy Hall
  • 2019 Wilde Award, Best Original Production
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