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A Painted Window

by Christy Hall

A Painted Window


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How deep do the bonds of sisterhood go? A Painted Window catalogues the reunion of two sisters, Josephine and Sylvia, that used to giggle together late at night, yet now stand worlds apart. Forced to move in together after decades of estrangement, the two women struggle to reconcile their past, navigate the present and plan their future. A Painted Window is a play about family and love, but it’s also a keen dissection of identity, classism, racism, and the havoc that consumerism, greed, and entitlement have wreaked on the American Dream.

Creative Team


  • 2017 Pulsar Award, Best Play
  • 2017 Pulsar Award, Best Supporting Actor, Lynch Travis
  • 2017 Pulsar Award, Best Lighting Design, Daniel Walker
  • 2017 Pulsar Award, Best Original Script, Christie Hall
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