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Deborah Zoe Laufer


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When Sam first fell in love with Rose he wrote her a song  — a song that has been covered by every recording artist and translated into every language.  For twenty-five years, Sam has been trying to write the next song – to no avail. When the couple decides to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary with a cruise in the Mediterranean, Sam hears the most beautiful music he’s ever heard and, in an attempt to capture it, jumps overboard. As he grapples with the legacy of his song, and a temptress of Greek mythology, he struggles to find a way home and to win back his wife. Out of a contemporary love story that grapples with the terrors of middle age, and the tortures of creative failure, comes a mystical expedition to find home. Contains strong language. A Collaboration with the MSU Department of Theatre.

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  • 2015 Pulsar Award, Best Actress, Terry Heck
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