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The Lion In Winter

by James Goldman

The Lion In Winter

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Uneasy is the head on which the crown lies, and uneasy the truce between a matchless king and queen. This is the legendary story of King Henry II of England, and the battle between his fiercely competitive sons to be chosen next in line for the throne. Add in his banished Queen, the notorious Eleanor of Aquitaine, mother of said sons and equally competitive, and King Louis of France, and two countries find themselves on the brink of bloody war at the whim of a temperamental and power hungry family. This classic tale of deception, manipulation and world dominance will draw you into its irresistible web, and might not let you go without a fight.  A collaboration with the MSU Dept of Theatre.

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Creative Team


  • 2014 Pulsar Award, Best Costumes, Amber Marissa Cook
  • 2014 Pulsar Award, Best Supporting Actor, Andrew Head
  • 2014 Pulsar Award, Best Actress, Sandra Birch
  • 2014 Pulsar Award, Best Play
  • 2014 Wilde Award, Best Duo, John Manfredi and Sandra Birch
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