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Anti-Racism Policy

Williamston Theatre acknowledges that we are a predominantly white organization, we exist in a world in which systemic racism exists, and we have been a part of it. This has led to an atmosphere where our Global Majority colleagues have been unintentionally excluded, silenced, and made to feel unwelcome or unsafe.

In an effort to be better and broaden the voices represented by and included in our work, we commit ourselves to the work of becoming an actively anti-racist organization, and to creating a culture of inclusivity and equity. These efforts will be supported with the following points:

  • We stand with  those calling for more diversity in the theatre and commit to seeking out and creating more work that represents the racial diversity of our community.
  • We  commit to an increase in recruiting and hiring of Global Majority artists in all areas of production.
  • We commit to creating a safe and welcoming workspace for all artists of any race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion, national origin, citizenship status, disability, ancestry, marital status, veteran status, or medical condition. All humans are welcome.
  • We commit to rejecting acts of racism by artists, patrons or supporters. In support of this effort, this statement will be posted in artist work spaces and publicly in our lobby for patrons.
  • We commit to acknowledging that Williamston Theatre is located on the traditional, ancestral and contemporary lands of Indigenous people who were forced from their homes. An acknowledgement of this will be posted in our lobby and on our website.
  • We commit to being open to discussion about this policy, and being held accountable by our community and our colleagues.  This statement is the beginning of our improvement, not the end.

In an effort to continue our growth and improvement in all of the areas listed above, we’re taking the following actions:

  • All staff meetings and board meetings have an agenda item labeled “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” to ensure that we are regularly reviewing our progress on set goals in these areas. At the end of each season, an evaluation will be conducted to assess the achievements made, and set new goals for the following season.
  • WT staff will participate in regular training workshops, led by local experts, in the areas of anti-racism, implicit bias, multicultural self-awareness, cultural competency and related areas.
  • As we continue forward in season planning and play selection, deliberate action to include reading and producing more plays written by Global Majority playwrights will be taken.


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