At the Williamston Theatre
Tuesday, November 27, 2019

To mark the national day of giving, the Williamston Theatre is giving back! Join us for a Play-A-Thon – a whole day of six plays. Drop in for one of them, or stay for the whole day! Free and open to the public.

10am Bronte: The World Without
By Jordi Mand. Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë.  In writing they find desperately needed self-expression, but they also find competition. As this gripping story unfolds, we follow their personal victories and defeats as their individual fortunes rise and fall.

12pm Mad Gravity, A Farce
By William Missouri Downs. We’re all familiar with Reality TV, but what about Reality Theatre? Can you just build put some theatre seats in your living room and let people watch your life? And what if you do that, but the apocalypse threatens to ruin your night? Contains adult content.

2pm These Mortal Hosts
By Eric Coble. After a tragedy devastates tiny Dove Creek, Colorado, the Mysteries begin. Three lonely people bind together as their lives begin heralding events far beyond their comprehension. A riveting exploration of faith and community in small-town America.

4pm Ichabod
By Joseph Zettelmaier. You’ve heard of Ichabod Crane and The Headless Horseman. Well you haven’t heard his story like this. A new play from Michigan’s most prolific playwright.

6pm Be Here Now
By Deborah Zoe Laufer. Are we born with our outlook, or do we choose how we view our life and the world around us? Be Here Now is a witty, existential ride to the intersection of despondence and joy.

8pm Assembly Line
By Annie Martin. A woman’s work is never done and always required in the future. Aliens, war, and a congratulatory sheet cake for each baby born – this is 2054. Contains adult content.


Many thanks for all who helped with our 2018 Season Launch Party!
What a wonderful way to kick off Lucky Season 13.
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