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Greetings, Grußen, Bonjour, Bongiorno, Hola, Annyung, and Namaste from a new voice here on the Rehearsal Blog.  My name is Alex and I’ll be your server tonight–Wait!  Wrong job!  Actually, I’m the new apprentice around here (well, newish).  I’m incredibly excited to be joining the team here WT for what is sure be an awesome and action-packed fifth season.  What’s that?  Some background about myself?  Well, I am a recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University (the other green and white), completing my B.A. in Theatre Arts this past April.  My most recent credits are the Lighting Design for Planet Ant’s production of Joe Zettelmaier’s All Childish Things Trilogy (you may recognize Joe’s name if you came and saw It Came From Mars last season).  Before that, I was living and growing up in the little lake-side town of Lexington on the east side of the Thumb. 

Along with my other jobs here at WT, I also have the pleasure of working as one of the Production Assistants for our upcoming show, Greater Tuna. It is incredible to watch two seasoned professionals tackle such a funny text, especially with the added challenge of having ten distinct characters apiece.  Both Aral Gribble and Wayne David Parker are belly-achingly hysterical as they work through each of their characters.  Along with helping set up rehearsals, I and our other two PASM’s, Emily and Brandon, also help the actors with their myriad costume changes, no small feat given their frequency.  The amount of focus it requires for the actors to so completely change characters in a matter of seconds is mind-boggling.  As I write this, our director, Tony Caselli, is giving notes from last night’s run, as he begin’s the process of fine tuning the show and exploring both the show’s comedic moments and it’s tender, serious ones.  

The show is up on its feet but we still have lots of work to do.  I’m super excited to see the final product Tony and the actors finally come up with, and I hope you all are too!  Cheers!

Alex Gay

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