“Williamston ends season with a sure-fire hit!” says Encore Michigan!

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And The Creek Don’t Rise got a rave review this weekend from Encore Michigan! 
The review begins like this:

"On paper, Williamston Theatre’s current production of And The Creek Don’t Rise sounds like a delightful summertime comedy. For starters, it’s the world premiere of a script by local playwright Joseph Zettelmaier, whose previous efforts earned him local and national accolades. Then there’s the cast – each of whom is among the best Michigan’s industry has to offer. Then to top it off, the behind-the-scenes folks are fine artisans excellent at their crafts.

So with a pedigree this good, how could it miss, I asked myself on the drive to Williamston.

By 9:45 p.m. or so on opening night I had my answer – and based on the comments I overheard while standing in the theater’s lobby after the performance, I suspect most people agreed with me: And The Creek Don’t Rise is a sure-fire, don’t-miss hit"

Some notable quotes are:

"Zettelmaier’s crisp dialogue especially sparkles – enhanced by the superb delivery by the show’s three actors…Lepard is a master…Peckham earns plenty of laughs…and her intense focus never wavers…Mahard is thoroughly delightful"

You can read the rest of the review HERE!  
You can order tickets by calling 517-655-7469!
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