We’ve opened the show!

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Well, I’m behind on posting in the journal! Part of the reason is this: Previews are a very busy time!! The good news, however, is that they’re also a very productive time!

The talkbacks proved to be helpful, as always, in isolating moments in the play that left audiences wanting more…or less, in some cases! Moments where we confused them were pointed out, and cleaned up. Moments that I thought were going to be big laugh moments…and weren’t…were dissected, deconstructed, re-worked, and brought up to speed. Moments that got big laughs that we’d not realized would be big laugh moments were polished so they shone…and then Aral and I said “Oh, yeah, we knew that would work from the start!”. (Shhhh…that’s part of the secret of making plays. Don’t give it away.)

Looking at the last journal entry, I’m happy to report that our work to clean up the top of the show went well, and we also came to the realization that a little confusion at the top of ANY play is okay. You want the audience wondering what’s happening, working it out…this is a great way of pulling them in. As long as it doesn’t go on for too long, it’s a positive thing. And I think we got the top of this show to fit that mold pretty well.

So, now, we run the show for 6 more weeks! I’m very happy with the way the show turned out – it’s sweet, funny, and watching Aral cleanly tell a story with 37 characters is a sight to behold!

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