We’ve begun previews! And we’ve been reviewed!

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We started previews last night, and it went well!

We’re in a great spot; with a week before our “official opening” we’ve got a good handful of things to polish and tweak, and one chunk that I want to totally re-vamp. That’s a pretty good place to be for first preview.

The audience seemed to enjoy it a lot last night, lots of laughs and lots of good feedback at the talkback. And we got a surprise review! Normally they don’t come until the official opening, but we had one of our local reviewers slip in and he enjoyed the show very much! He posted a short but very positive write-up on his Michigan Entertainment website, and gave us a 4 out of 4, with my favorite quote being:

“I caught it on the first night of previews, which always makes theater management nervous because the show has never been performed in front of an audience and there could be a bug or two. Well there was no need to worry here. The first night was virtually flawless and lots of fun.”

He finished his piece with “Get your tickets to this now, because it is sure to sell out!”, and I’m hoping that he’s batting a thousand with his predictions!

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