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The first two previews went very well – the audiences are laughing and, when appropriate, NOT laughing! A handful of great comments from the talkbacks have been useful in polishing and tweaking the show, and will continue to be useful as we rehearse through Thursday’s final preview.

It’s nice to get some folks in the house, to remind us of things that we’d forgotten were funny! And, yes, to point out that some things I thought would be funny still need some polishing. That’s okay, that’s why we do these previews!

Also, the audiences seem to be enjoying a new thing we’ve begun here at Williamston Theatre, the Williamston Theatre Gallery. We’ve teamed up with some local artists and artist groups, and our West Lobby has been turned into a gallery for their work to be displayed and sold. The coolest thing, I think, is that the gallery will rotate with each production and the artwork on display will always relate to the play being produced. We provided the artists and groups with lists of major themes, relationships, images and plot points for all of the shows this season, and they’ll be creating their pieces based on any of those things that inspire them. Then, we display them during the run of the show, and folks can purchase them! (And, incidentally, WT gets a percentage of the profits. Not a lot, but some!) I’m really happy with this program, and hope it grows into something really wonderful – the idea of collaborating with other artists and having other styles and types of art in the building is really appealing!

So – there you have it! So far so good. We’d like our preview audiences to be bigger, so tell all your friends and family! Anyone you know in Michigan, have them stop by!

More soon-

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