We Interrupt This Rehearsal Blog For An Important Announcement

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Ladies and Gentlemen…

Do you ever search the internet for stuff? Of course you do.

Would you like to help out Williamston Theatre while you do it? Of course you would – you’re all marvelous people like that.

Well, www.goodsearch.com is the answer!

From now on, when you need to look something up on the web, go to www.goodsearch.com. There’s a little box that says “Enter your charity here”. Enter Williamston Theatre in that box!

Then, when you do your search, you earn a penny or two for Williamston Theatre.

It’s that simple!!

And if enough people do it, it could make a world of difference for our little company. A world of difference.

You can even add the Goodsearch toolbar to your web browser!! Or make it your home page!

So, if you’ve got that giving spirit, help us out when searching the ‘net, will you? We’d really appreciate it -every little bit helps!


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