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Rehearsals for Rounding Third are going very well.

This show has some interesting challenges – it jumps around in space and time – which make it very fun to work on. The guys and I are having a great time working through questions like “Okay, in this 1/2 page dialogue, we’ve jumped 4 innings ahead in the game. Do we need to deal with that?”, and other fun challenges. (The answer, incidentally, was “No.” I’d be happy to discuss it more if anyone out there would like to!)

The first few rehearsals have been exploring questions like that, as well as exploring the set. What pictures can we make on it, How much can we and/or SHOULD we sit down, etc…

We’re rough-blocking the show kind of quickly, but Tobin and John are doing some great work, sliding right into these characters. We’ll go back in and really pound out some details starting the middle of next week. It’s great, though, to watch good actors discover new things each time you repeat a scene, or try a new approach to it.

This show will be a bigger tech challenge than the last one. We’ve gotten a show up, but make no mistake about it, we’re still a very bare bones company! This show will have many more props being smashed each night, many, many more light cues than the last, and many, many more sound cues. That’s okay, it challenges us to do more with less, and we’re making it work! Reid Johnson, our Lighting Designer, is spectacular, PropMaster Tim has dug up a couple hundred cell phones, and Erica our Stage Manager will keep the show running smooth as glass!

That’s it for now – Sunday we work 3-11 doing some review of what we’ve blocked so far, and then moving forward into Act II!

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