Voices of the Midwest

By Annie Martin, Dennis E. North, Suzi Regan, and Joseph Zettelmaier

Directed and Sound Designed by Tony Caselli

Featuring Katherine Banks, Sandra Birch, Casaundra Freeman, Tobin Hissong, Dan Johnson, John Lepard, Chris Purchis, Suzi Regan, and Emily Sutton-Smith. Additional Sound Design by Max Caselli.

In 2008, the Williamston Theatre embarked on a unique three-year project called Voices of the Midwest. After gathering stories from people throughout the Midwest region, four Michigan playwrights used the stories as inspiration for songs, scenes, poems, and monologues. That work became three unique theatrical experiences Maidens, Mothers, and Crones: Voices from Women of the Midwest, Flyover, USA: Voices from Men of the Midwest, and Home: Voices from Families of the Midwest. In this year of the coronavirus, we have revisited the material and pulled together an audio compilation of our favorite pieces. Tickets now on sale.

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