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We are between shows on a two show day so I thought I might give this whole blogging thing a try. Bear with me, I don’t do this often. I should probably start be introducing myself. My name is Kate Wilson. I am a junior technical theatre major at Michigan State University where I am working toward my BFA in production design with a concentration in stage management. I have had the privilege of working at Williamston Theatre as an assistant stage manager for the past two shows. (“An Infinite Ache” and “This Wonderful Life”.)

The rehearsal process and performances for “This Wonderful Life” have been nothing short of a blast. There is never a dull moment. We are always laughing, sharing stories, and telling jokes. (This is between our extremely serious and professional rehearsals and performances of course.☺) Working on a one man show has given us the opportunity to really bond with each other. There were only five of us in rehearsal and there are only four of us running the show. You can imagine how close we have all become. We have created a little family with this show. I love hanging out in the green room before every show. We all know how to make each other laugh and even if I come to the theatre in a bad mood, by half hour my mood will have changed to a good one. We started every rehearsal playing tape ball. (Our scores were always in the three and four hundreds… that’s a lie.☺) We also had a ton of things in rehearsal, just for fun. Stef Din, our brilliant stage manager, would always play music during our breaks and we would have “dance parties”. We also had morale boosting cheese-its, gummy bears, and Starbucks. While we were rehearsing, it was amazing to watch Tony and John play off of each other. They were always cracking jokes and just plain having a great time. The rehearsal environment was so fun and energetic which really shows in the final product. The production has that same fun, energetic quality we had in rehearsal and continue to have now that we are performing.

Working at Williamston Theatre has been the highlight of my semester. It is so much fun to be able to step away from college life to make a play with some incredibly talented, grounded professionals. Everyone at the theatre is so great. They all welcomed me with open arms and made me feel right at home from day one. I am so grateful to have been able to work with two incredible stage managers. Erin Snyder and Stefanie Din have been wonderful mentors and great friends. I have also had an incredible time working side by side with Erin Clossen. She is so talented and just hysterical. It has been an absolute joy being able to share the backstage with her. Tony is a blast. I love working a show that he is directing. He brings the greatest energy to any room he walks into. I always look forward to the baked goods Emily brings to share with everyone at the theatre. She is so caring and really wonderful to talk to. John is never without something witty to say. He has made me laugh every time I walked through the door. And what would I do without the little side remarks I get from Chris. She has such a wonderful, contagious personality that I look forward to every day. I have learned so much from my time at Williamston Theatre and find myself saddened that I will merely be a member of the audience for the rest of the year. But alas, it’s time to go back to college☺

NOTE: Kate is wonderful, and a part of the WT family that will be missed when she’s gone! – Tony

Below: Kate Wilson and Stage Manager Stefanie Din, and Kate Wilson with WT Apprentice Erin Clossen

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