“This Wonderful Life” gets a rave review!

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The Williamston Theatre got a rave review for our production of This Wonderful Life, which is playing now through December 21st!

We’re always pleased, grateful and very appreciative whenever we get a positive review. In truth, of course, the most important thing is that we’re doing work that our audiences appreciate and enjoy, but it’s also rewarding to have positive feedback from the critics. So far we’ve been blessed with both on this production!

Encore Michigan calls the play "artful, delightful"! Click here to read it!

A teaser from the review:

"If you’re impressed, and you should be, by the thought of one actor convincingly performing the entire movie It’s A Wonderful Life, what would you make of one actor doing the entire movie in less than 60 seconds?

That’s how John Lepard begins This Wonderful Life, playwright Steve Murray’s one-man stage version of the classic film, at Williamston Theatre. Then Lepard (and Murray) get down to the business at hand, an artful, delightful 80-minute retelling of the 1946 movie that packs the narrative substance, multiplicity of characters, humor and emotional impact of the original while trimming it by a good 45 minutes. It’ll get you home in time to see the Frank Capra opus on TV this holiday season but eliminates the need altogether."

John Lepard in "This Wonderful Life"

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