The Thespies!

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Today the Lansing State Journal announced the winners of their theatre awards, “The Thespies”!

Williamston Theatre is pleased to have received the the following:

Best Original Show: Maidens, Mothers and Crones
Supporting Actor – Musical (professional): B.J. Love for Guys on Ice

Special Awards mentions:
Great Ensemble Work: Art and Maidens, Mothers and Crones
Co-operative Projects Between Theatre Groups: Williamston Theatre and M.S.U.

And they do a special award called the Robert Busby Award, named for the late founder of the Creole Gallery. The Busby award honors people with extraordinary overall contributions to local theatre. The Williamston Theatre and its founders – Tony Caselli, John Lepard, Christine Purchis and Emily Sutton-Smith are very honored to have received this award this year.

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