The FINAL final word on GUYS ON ICE! :)

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As we prepare for the next couple of events here at Williamston Theatre, and the holidays, things are getting very exciting around here!

Guys On Ice did quite well for us, which is nice. To be honest, from a purely budgetary standpoint, it means we’ll be able to do our next couple of shows. This is good. The “art” part of what we do is why we do it, but the “business” part of it is what allows us to keep going as a company!

Next, though, we’ve got a great holiday concert coming up on December 7th – Grammy Award winner Barbara Bailey Hutchison brings her fabulous brand of folk music to Williamston Theatre. Tickets are going quickly for this one-night special, call the box office if you’re interested!

AND Every Christmas Story Ever Told is making a return appearance for two weeks, starting December 13th. Tickets are already selling like hotcakes (several performances are already sold out), so call us right away – this hilarious holiday show was an instant hit last year, and looks like it will be again as the same cast brings a little levity and love onto our stage!

And if that weren’t enough – On New Year’s Eve we’re once again having a wonderful concert event. A tremendous Jazz performance by The Patrick Terbrack Quintet will be a spectacular way to ring in 2008 – give us a call and grab your tickets!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone, and know that we here at Williamston Theatre have much to be thankful for, and you our audience are tops on that list.

Tony Caselli
Artistic Director

P.S. I’ll leave you with some thoughts on Guys On ice, from Erica Koski our Stage Manager:

Guys on Ice has closed.  Usually, it’s not much to close a show.  I’ve been working here since April of 2006 and have closed nearly every show Williamston has done….but for this show it was different.  The guys had such a close bond with each other, and my crew and I, I was really sad on closing night!  For the first time in my short professional career I’m going to really miss this show and everyone involved! I made new friends and strengthened bonds between friends I didn’t know I had.  Joey, BJ, and Bruce are all brilliant actors with whom I look forward to working with again very soon.      

These six weeks were a blast.  We had so much fun in rehearsals, the guys joking around and then being ultra-serious about blocking, choreography, or the right tone of that elusive scene or note.  John Dale, with his awesome musical skills and his practical jokes. (Seriously, don’t take your shoes off around this guy!  He likes to hide them.)  Tony, who is a brilliant director, being serious about the show, then busting out into some made up rap about the song we just rehearsed, or some of the choreography just executed.  My PASM, Rosemary, who giggled and was very amused through the whole ordeal of rehearsals, but was right there with the correct lines when the actors needed them.  Dana, our glorious choreographer, was fantastic!  The whole process was a lot of fun.  I don’t think I’ve laughed that much during rehearsals in a very long while!

I think my favorite part of this whole run was the different reactions of the audience during “Ernie Da Moocher’s Leinenkugel Beer Halftime Show”.  It’s not your typical “come back from intermission with a house to half so everyone can settle in before Act II starts and then the house and stage lights out” type deal.  The lights in the house stay up, the piano starts and then Ernie comes blasting out from backstage with a plastic sled in tow, all while the stage lights are going brighter and audience members can be rather confused by all of this.  It took them a while to figure out what was going on, so Bruce – or Ernie, would talk to them, tell them to “take their time”  “no big rush” then sing a little song.  Bruce once said that he made the mistake of looking into the audience during his Leine’s song and the look on one of the guys faces threw him off!  My advice?  “Don’t look in the audience during the song!”  You’d get people who would want to chat back with him, one lady tried to hold an entire conversation about the Leine’s she had just won until John Dale (our musician) interrupted them.  Someone would always want the cheese head hat that was on the shanty wall, be offered the pickled egg won by the previous contestant, but would instead end up with a bobber from the set.  You never knew how the audience would react to this unique break in the show.  It was always fun when a group really enjoyed it and laughed along with us (or at us?), and it was cool to see people you wouldn’t think participate, actually raise their hands and shout “OKEYDOKE!” to answer a question! 

And I have to wonder how many of those patrons who won Leine’s can’s were extremely disappointed when they got home and cracked the “beer” open……Heh heh.

Guys on Ice was the most successful show — ticket sales, and audience attendance — Williamston has had so far!  I am proud of that!  Being on board from the very first show to seeing this one sell out, I can’t explain how that makes me feel.  It’s a humbling sense of accomplishment…to say the least. 

Get your tickets for Every Christmas Story Ever Told AND Art before they are gone too!!!!!! 
-Erica Koski,
Stage Manager

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