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With only two weeks to go before the actors start breathing some life into this script, I am really excited about what we have so far. Jodi Ozimek and Kirk Domer have come up with some great ideas for the set and costumes. Kirk’s set allows several entrance areas and some nice open spaces, while keeping the feel of a cluttered, crowded little living room. Jodi’s costumes for each of the characters are just beautiful, and I think they will help clarify each individual personality on the stage. Donald Fox has some nice Ideas for the lights, including a shaft of light streaming down the long hallway where Nanny makes her entrance. Gives me chills to think about it.

We will set the play in 1955. There is no indication in the script as to when the play takes place, but I think “55 is an ideal year. It seemed to be a time when prosperity and success were measured by a strong marriage, a nice house, Jell-o molds, and job security. The only thing our family might have would be the Jell-o mold, and they probably couldn’t find that… So, this off-center, dysfunctional family, set in this particular time period, makes things just a little more tricky. Beatrice (our mother ) is embarrassed of her position, so she is a recluse. Ruth (oldest daughter) fights against the stereotype, and Tillie (younger daughter) finds her salvation in the knowledge of her creation, and the possibilities born from the atom. It is through Tillie that we see hope, and the strength to seek a better life.

I love this script, and can’t wait to start working with this fine cast.

-John Lepard, Director The Effect Of Gamma Rays On Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds

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