The Cast of FIVE COURSE LOVE speaks!

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Laura Croff, currently starring in FIVE COURSE LOVE, has this to say about the show so far…

I was very excited to learn that I had been cast in “Five Course Love”. The musical is one of my favorite theatrical genres, add in a bunch of silly comedy, especially if it is physical, and I’m in heaven!

About a month before rehearsals started, I downloaded the music for our show from iTunes. I was immediately impressed by the cleverness of the lyrics and the imagination of the music. I thought to myself, “Oh yeah, this is gonna be FUN!”

When I got my script in the mail a few weeks later, I was shocked to discover that there is hardly any spoken dialogue in the piece. Usually, musicals are characterized by songs separated by sections of dialogue that link the pieces together in a story. In this piece, the songs ARE the story. I have heard this form of musical called a “neo-musicale” or “continuous musical”. Either way, it means a heck of a lot of singing!

The first rehearsal was nice in that I got to see the lovely familiar faces of the staff of the Williamston Theatre as well as an actor that I had worked with many years previous: Matt Gwynn. I had NOT met nor worked with the other actor in the piece, Aaron Moore, but had recently seen him perform. So, between the two, I felt certain that I would be well-supported on stage.

Rehearsals have continued to progress and we are all “chomping at the bit” to show our hard work to the audience – preview performances have been sold out and it seems that those audiences enjoyed themselves well.

I look forward to a great run with this show and feel sure that Williamston Theatre has a well-established, tight-running, high quality performance ethic that ensures that each and every production is enjoyable and WORTH attending!

-Laura Croff

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