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Where has the time gone? Tony asked for this several weeks ago…

What a fun journey Music From A Sparkling Planet was!! A sweet trip of hope
and longing. The process, the rehearsal process, the time in which we
discover who the characters are…where they go…what they do…what they
want…what’s at stake…what the play really means…the point at which a director
may say “Oh, this is a little more complicated than I thought ” is a
challenging and exciting time. I love, love, love finding my way through the
labyrinth. This play really was like a piece of music. Every play has a melody,
but this was written like a piece of music. Overlapping dialog, scenes out of
time and out of sequence finding a common note, and silences. Silences are
an important part of music and of play making. We will often say during the
rehearsal process “you gotta earn your pauses.” The pause must be of
necessity and filled. There is action in every pause whether it’s an advance or
retreat but it is FULL of LIFE. I mean, we have all experieced the gratuitous
pause on stage and we know this because it feels empty. There is also to be
something said for those of us who are afraid or uncomfortable in the
silences …even if they are fully informed…what does that mean…oh, but,
another entry.

Anyway…hope. This play, I guess when all is said and done, is about hope
and possibility and our willingness to expand and grow…or not. It’s about
how change is constant. How we either roll with it while holding onto
integrity or sink into the abyss. Which is so timely today in our dear state of
Michigan. Change is all around us. The challenge to hold onto hope in the face
of adversity…to accept the challenge to expand our vision and grow into a
new “us”…is a choice everyone of us makes every single day.

And so, I am grateful to have worked with some really fabulous people…the
actors Dana, Dennis, Joe, Joey, Will, Jesse and the lovely stage manager
Megan and designers and staff and volunteers. It takes a village to make a play
and it takes a village to keep a theatre alive and well.

– Suzi Regan, Director

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