Some thoughts from the Williamston Theatre Intern, Dennis Corsi

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This summer, we’ve had the pleasure of having Dennis Corsi, a student from Michigan State University, working with us in the office as an Administrative Intern.  As he wraps up his internship and prepares to go back to school, here are some fun thoughts from him!

The Good, the Bad and the Spooky

Reasons Why Working in a Theatre is Wonderful

From the perspective of the summer intern, Dennis Corsi.

Meeting People

Everyday I talk to new people on the phone and meet new people who walk in. What’s even more exciting is when I talk to someone a second or third time!

Interacting with Local Businesses

When distributing show posters around town or putting logos of business sponsors on our fliers, I get a glimpse at all of the local Williamston businesses.

Everyone Who Works There is Delightful.

Except for Alex. Just kidding! Every single person who works at the theatre is absolutely awesome. It is never a chore to come in and work. There is a fun and passionate energy everyday. You should come meet us sometime! (No purchase necessary) 

Reasons Why Working in a Theatre Sucks

And how you can help make it better!

Dry Tongue and Paper cuts

We do a lot of mailings, which means a lot of tedious envelope stuffing and licking. We can always use help from volunteers around mailing time. And we won’t even make you lick the envelopes! (Unless you like that sort of thing.)

Scary Storage Spaces

I have to crawl through a spooky, dangerous, dungeon to get to our cramped storage space. As always, we need more space! But that means more rent, which means we need more funds.

Non-Stop Work, Constant Exhaustion

We are always busy bees at the theatre, which means we need lots of coffee to keep us going. (Tony can usually be found wandering around in a tired daze, mumbling incoherently to himself). Keep us full and energized by donating coffee and snacks to our green room! The actors will thank you too.

I only have a few weeks left interning at Williamston Theatre, so if we haven’t met yet, come visit! And subscribe to this blog to get updates from all of us here at the theatre.

-Dennis Corsi, Williamston Theatre Summer Intern


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