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Hello! I’m Emily! It’s nice to meet you.

By day I am a graduate student at Michigan State University working on my Masters in Theatre…but by night…

By night I go to Tuna,Texas by way of the Williamston Theatre. In Tuna I am known as something similar to a super hero- I am a quick-change artist!

If you haven’t seen Greater Tuna I don’t believe I am spoiling the story for you by telling you that Aral Gribble and Wayne David Parker play multiple roles each. These characters are each unique in their own special way.  You know the saying “The clothes make the man?”  Well, that’s where I come in.

When it comes to theatre I am usually performing on the stage instead of working behind it although I love doing both. When I was informed that I would be assisting Aral and Daba with their changes I was excited because I have been a quick-changer before.  I don’t believe I initially realized that it was just going to be me backstage doing all the changes-and there are a LOT of changes. It’s really exciting! You, the audience, wouldn’t know it, but I am running like crazy back there! Moving costumes from one entrance to another, throwing on wigs here and bolos there-it’s a beautiful kind of chaos.

My favorite thing about being backstage, though, are the moments when I can stand and listen to the show for a bit. Sometimes I will peek through the curtain and watch the audience laugh.  (I know that’s kind of creepy). It is such an awesome feeling watching people laugh and enjoy something that you are a part of – and that’s the way I feel every night.

So you should come to Texas. It’s a great show that will make you laugh out loud (I still do – and I’ve heard it dozens of times!) But just remember: Every time the guys duck back stage and come on in a different costume- the quick-change super-hero is back there making it happen!

Emily Young
Production Assistant To The Stage Manager
The Williamston Theatre

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