Some set-model pictures!

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Well…they’re from my camera phone, so they’re not as high quality as we’d like! (PS – Have I mentioned that a donation of a good digital camera to the theatre would be VERY welcome?) 🙂

Still, I think you can get a feel for what the set will look like! Later, I’ll post some better quality pictures of the construction process, and the final thing!

In this shot, you can see that we’re only using 2 sections of seating for this production!You can see the ice-fishing shanty in the center of the stage, and on the Upstage Left corner (Middle Right of the picture) you can see the little “hill” that the pianist will be on.

This picture is a little more from the audience perspective: you can see the figure representing the actor, and the large “wrap around” backdrop we’re using. It’s the biggest drop we’ve used here at Williamston Theatre, and our Set Designer Dan Walker is creating a stunning, sweeping sky!

In this last shot, from a slightly different angle, you can see a little more of the (blurry) shanty!

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