Rounding Third, we finished “Tech”

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It’s been a long time between posts, sorry theatre fans! Sometimes life here at Williamston Theatre is monstrously (is that a word?) busy.

This weekend was our “Tech Weekend”, where all of the lights and sound and costumes get added into the show. It went well, our crew performed admirably, and now we’re launching into a couple more dress rehearsals followed by First Preview on Thursday!

Tech was a great experience, and a nice learning opportunity as well. Once again, I’m reminded of the “simple is better” rule of directing, and at the exact same time reminded of the simple truth that “elegant simplicity is often the most difficult thing to achieve.”

How did this particular reminder happen? We had too much sound in the show. Too much sound, combined with a handful of “moments” that didn’t need to be there. The script says something like “Michael and Don go through the motions of watching the game. It’s not going well.” Well, I opted to try out some fun, theatrical, slo-mo ‘montage’ moments, where we intentionally exaggerated a handful of high and low reactions from the coaches, with some sound effects and lighting effects.

Well, they were fun little moments. Unfortunately, they stopped the show and didn’t move the story forward at all.

So, we cut them! And now, after a little work to clean up the spots where they’d been, the play moves better.

One of the big lessons for any director, actor or theatre artist to remember is this: “Don’t get so attached to something that you can’t lose it, especially if losing it makes the play better.”

Looking forward very much to previews. John and Tobin have been working their tails off, and the next week will be a marvelous chance for us all to fine-tune with some audience response!

I’ll let you know how the dress rehearsals go in a couple of days!

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