Rehearsal Entry #9

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Things are moving along, and the last few days have been great. After having Monday off, we worked in the rehearsal space on Tuesday while there was work going on in the theatre. A bunch of scene work, and it’s really paid off – Wednesday and Thursday were excellent days. Some very nice breakthroughs in both Acts. In Act II Brian and Dennis and I dug out a few really nice moments, and a couple of comic bits. In Act I, Emily and Aaron and I polished several key spots in the moments where their relationship…well, I don’t want to give the whole story away! You’ll have to come see!

Thursday was fun – we started, as usual, with Tape Ball (a great warm-up game – you circle up, and try to keep a ball made of paper and tape in the air for as long as possible, all the while counting how many hits you can keep it in the air before it touches the ground. This cast record, I think, is in the 150’s…) Anyway, as we’re doing that, a great guy named Stuart was doing some finishing work on the drywall in the lobby. As we’re playing this warmup game, he poked his head in to watch. Seeing him smiling and watching, I shouted “Yep, Stuart, THIS is how plays are made!”. He laughed, said “Looks like more fun than I’m having out here!” and went back to mudding the drywall. Sometimes I forget how silly what we do for a living can look!

The schedule for the rest of the week will be busy, but very productive. Unlike the schedule we’ll normally be doing, we’re trying to “Tech” the show on Friday instead of Saturday. A few schedule things pushed this into place. We’ll see how it goes – because of some snags in getting the building itself ready, we may have to push it back to Saturday anyway! Tech for this show will be fun, and shouldn’t be too complicated. This, incidentally, is the time when all of the bells and whistles are added; the lights, the sound, costumes – all of the ‘tech’ stuff is added to the work the actors and I have been doing in rehearsal for 3 weeks. It’s kind of like Christmas for directors, because we get to see how all the pieces come together – every new moment is like opening a gift! Some you LOVE, some you decide they’re neat and you can live with them, and some you immediately want to return for something else! Most of the time, it’s the first two choices…and even when it’s the third, you get to work on it and make it something you like!

Some shows have hundreds of light cues, hundreds of complicated sound cues, and a bunch of moving set pieces. This show has none of that, so this tech should not be difficult in the actual execution of the show. Getting all of the pieces together in our new building, and getting them to work the way they should, will be the most challenging part. But, we’ve got the time, the people and the energy to get it done, and we’re all looking forward to getting to previews!

Speaking of Previews…we need audiences for them! Come out and help us create the show! A Preview is a great time to see the show, because you get to participate! For the first week, June 8th thru June 11th, we’ll have Talkbacks after the show. I’ll be asking for feedback about the production, and then the actors and I will use that feedback to polish and tweak the show before the “Official Press Opening” on June 16th. So if you’re thinking of coming – come early!

Soon, we’ll have another Guest Journaler – Dennis North (Raymond Fetterman in our production) will be sharing his thoughts on things!

More soon!

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