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Hi there! Tony here again – hope you enjoyed our “Guest Journaler”, Michelle DiDomenico. Michelle’s one of the finest Stage Managers in the state, and working with her is a joy. We’re lucky to have her for this, our first production!

So, it’s now Sunday evening. What a couple of days it’s been.
On Friday, the stage floor and set were loaded into the theatre.
Friday and Saturday we rehearsed for the first time with the set. Very, very good couple of days. Lots of great discoveries. Also on Saturday our fabulous Volunteer Coordinator, Gwen Chirico-Brandon, came in and began turning our dressing rooms into these marvelous spaces for the actors! Gwen has been a huge help for us, she’s amazing! AND on Saturday, Aaron and Emily went and did 10 minutes of Act I at a Garden Party that was being thrown in our honor, as a fund/friend raiser – it went really, really well – the 40 or so people who were invited really loved it. It was great for Aaron and Emily to hear all those laughs, too – they were probably getting worried since I stopped laughing about a week ago!

Sunday morning, we had our first Stumble Thru of the whole play for the designers. It went very well, and again we learned a ton. The cast is really getting a feel for these people, their stories. We’re finding those ups and downs, those “Peaks and Valleys” as a Theatre Professor of mine, Parker Zellers, used to say. It was nice to have the designers there!

Now this journaling will veer from a “Rehearsal Blog” to an Artistic Director’s blog:
On Sunday, also, we had a big “Work Session” on the building! We had a bunch of INCREDIBLE volunteers show up – Bob Herner, Bryant and Jennifer Fillion, Tim Fox, Ken Zichi, Tobin Hissong, and Brian Harcourt – plus the staff. Everybody came in and worked like mad for about 5 hours! We accomplished a ton of work, including: Painting the entire theatre black (Special Thanks to Ken Zichi for his paint sprayer!), painting the booth, ‘finish’ nailing the stage floor down, running some air-conditioning duct, doing some repair work on a piece of furniture in the show, reinforcing the 1/2 wall and removing some wooden supports that were causing sightline problems, and insulating the wall between the lobby and the theatre for soundproofing purposes! Wow!

Without the help of all of the volunteers that donate so much time and energy, we would never accomplish this project, and we’re eternally grateful!

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  1. Anonymous  June 2, 2006

    You’re welcome!

    Tony —
    You are most welcome — the amount of effort, hard work and professionalism you’ve (all!) demonstrated in getting this from a ‘gee wouldn’t it be nice idea if…’ to a real theatre company never ceases to amaze me — I’m delighted to provide whatever help I can, and I encourage everyone else to — if nothing else — come out to the show. I’m excited to see it, and I promise I won’t look at the ceiling during the production. I’ve done enough of that already! 🙂 Break a leg //Ken Z

    • admin  June 4, 2006

      Re: You’re welcome!

      Thanks, Ken! Everybody here really appreciates all of your support!

      And it’s okay if you look at the ceiling – hopefully just not DURING the show!

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