Rehearsal Entry #7

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Hi my name is Michelle. I’m the Stage Manager for this wonderful show and Tony asked me to write a little something.

It was great to walk in today, after having to deal with Memorial Day traffic at its peak, and see a stage, a set, some of the walls painted black, a lighting designer on a ladder, a volunteer making stands for the speakers, and everyone in just a flurry of planning and excitement. It is amazing to me that we are not only making a play but at the same time making a theatre. So much can be accomplished in one day.

Rehearsal today went well. For the past two days we’ve really begun to dig a little deeper, tighten a little more, and make the stage pictures even better for Act II. Having the set in the space really seemed to solidify what we were doing and how the actors reacted in the space. It is great when you get to see those moments of clarity and simplicity where two people are just listening and talking to each other. And every time we would stop and rep a moment, I could see something else click…and me and my assistant moving boxes! But that is what I love about this job. Getting to be the ultimate observer, the constant learner, and the show supporter.

Tech Day is already next week. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of lists to think about but it is all coming together nicely. I’m really interested in seeing what happens during the run on Sunday and how the whole cast plays tapeball together. It’s only our third time playing as a whole cast and I hope we can get a good tapeball zen going. FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN here we come.


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