Rehearsal Entry #6

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Wednesday’s rehearsal was great. We had our first stumble-thru of the show, and it has a very nice shape to it. Already, before we’ve really had a chance to do much polishing work at all, there’s a very solid sense of story, growth and change. Because of the unique format of this script, there are two actors in Act I and two different actors in Act II, so the stumble-thru was nice, too, since the actors in Act I got to see what Act II looked like, and vice versa, for the first time!

I’m a big fan of the way this script veers back and forth from great hilarity to the drop dead seriousness that everyday life can bring. Watching these characters and how they deal with the “additional particulars” that life brings them is really moving, and helping the actors bring them to life is a real treat.

For the next few days, we’ll be doing all scenework. We’ll be taking moments of the play ranging from 1/2 page long to 5 pages long and spending a ton of time on each of those moments. Digging into the “Why” and “What does he want at this moment?” and “what are you fighting for?” questions that help define the characters and the action. We’ll be working to find the best stage picture, the most effective use of the space, and the funniest way to handle a comic moment. 3 days of intense scenework, and on Sunday we’ll put the piece together again and see how it moves in a full run through for the designers to watch.

Actually, before Sunday, two of our actors are doing a small performance. A couple of Williamston Theatre’s supporters are having a big event at their house on Saturday, as a fund/friend raiser for the theatre. 40 or 50 folks will be there, and Aaron and Emily are doing the first 10 minutes of Act I for them as a ‘teaser’, to get them interested in the theatre. Hopefully, from that, we’ll gain some ticket buyers as well as some folks who want to become donors!

The Posters have arrived for the show! Today begins the postering/flyering blitz to advertise and sell tickets!

14 days until First Preview. 22 Days until Official Opening Night!

More later!

PS – here’s a link to our latest article, from Between The Lines magazine!

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  1. Anonymous  May 25, 2006


    Tony –

    What – no group photo?!?!

    Nice POSITIVE article! Way to go 🙂


    • admin  May 25, 2006

      Re: Article

      They went with a stock photo from their file, but I’m glad: if we did a group photo, you wouldn’t be able to see Executive Director John Lepard doing his acty thing! I like to get the tall handsome guys out there in the public eye whenever possible! 🙂

  2. Anonymous  May 23, 2007

    Here Online


    It’s just great thing that you’re doing!
    Keep the good work, etc.

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