Rehearsal Entry #5

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Tonight we had a 5 hour rehearsal, 6-11, with just the Act II guys. We had a great time working/sketching out the latter part of Act II.

The poor actors – they’d been rehearsing in their sneakers when our Costume Designer Rachel came in with their show shoes; work boots with good soles. The guys love the boots, but it took a little while to adjust to wearing them instead of their light sneakers – they kept dragging their feet and tripping! That combined with the fact that tonight we sketched out the part of Act II where they have to spend 20 minutes moving boxes around the set made it a fun night physically! (Act II takes place in a storeroom, lots of boxes!) Most of the boxes were empty tonight, although a couple of them were full boxes of plaster, and Brian kept getting stuck holding the heavy one! (Did I mention that Brian’s a champion martial-artist? Yep. Champion martial-artist. So, since he’s in such great shape, I don’t think he had too much trouble with the heavy box!

Poor Michelle and Erica, our Stage Management team! Every time I’d hop up and say “Hold on, let’s back up” to work a scene, or tweak a moment/movement, they’d jump up to reset a bunch of boxes. I think there was a little competition as Brian would try to get his box returned before the SM’s could get to it! It was funny, but I’ll tell you what – there’s nothing like having a Stage Management team that can be aware and anticipate what’s going to be needed. Not only does it make the entire rehearsal process infinitely better, it helps the entire company feel secure and confident that things are being handled well. Good Stage Managers are invaluable!

An excellent rehearsal, overall. Our building inspector didn’t show up today, which was disappointing since we’re STILL waiting to get a few things done in the building…hopefully soon!

Tomorrow – we review the last 20 minutes of Act II, then we’ll be doing our first Stumble-Thru of the whole show. This’ll give me a chance to see how it looks as a whole, and make my work list for the next few days. It’ll also give the cast their first chance to feel the whole thing put together. It’ll be a great learning experience for us about the show, and where we need to focus for the next week or so!

I’ll let you know how it goes!
More later.

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