Rehearsal Entry #4

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A little late in catching up on this rehearsal report, sorry! The schedule at the theatre is keeping us all hopping!

Monday was the day off. Well, off for actors and stage managers. The rest of us had a big cleaning/painting event, and with the help of some volunteers ‘primed’ the theatre so that next week we can paint it all black. We also did a few other things around the building, and we’re getting closer and closer. As of today, we’re 16 days from First Preview! With the renovations and things going on in the building, we have to have our building inspector in today to give us the “okay” to continue moving forward. Very excited for that – it’s really the last thing we’re waiting for to begin the final push to the finish line.

So, back to rehearsal; we had a spectacular first week. Now, we’re into Act II. The guys in II, Dennis North and Brian Thibault, are great. Really good to work with, and they really get these characters. Today at rehearsal our costumer, Rachel, will come in with some things to fit on the men. We’re all looking forward to it. This act has a similar but different feel than Act I did. That’s okay, that’s a good thing. If it was the exact same story, we wouldn’t want to watch it. It’s interesting, although both acts are very funny and very sweet, they’re both very much about “just getting through the day”, the more we dig, the more we’re finding the distinct differences in HOW these 4 people do that.

Had a moment on Saturday – Dennis (playing Raymond) and I were talking about a moment in the play, and how it was being played. We tried a few different things, and I was giving him a direction for the moment when he said “Ok, I think I get what you mean.” And when we restarted the scene, he did that thing that good actors do: took a direction (“Can we dislike the guy we’re talking about more”) and made it his own – what came out was a great scene, with clear intentions and history and baggage – better than anything we’d done with it so far. That’s one of the things I love about what we do – you get a few collaborators working on things and, when it works, the thing becomes more than it would’ve been if just one idea had been followed. A whole new discovery is made, that wasn’t what anyone was talking about, but was better because it was fueled by all of those thoughts being mixed together. Collaboration.

The work continues — more later!

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