Rehearsal entry #3

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Another great rehearsal today.

One of the things that you worry about, when you do a comedy, is keeping it “honest”. Today we found some of those moments where this play, which can be very silly, gets very warm and honest. You can see, watching the rehearsal and reading the play, where a bad production of this would be full of charicatures – actors up there not really being real people. When you keep it honest, though, and listen to the wonderful rhythms that Ed Simpson has woven into the piece, out of this hilarious comedy come these moments of sweet, heartbreaking truth. I LOVE that kind of play.

And, I love working on that kind of play with actors who get it, and aren’t there mugging for the laugh.

The laughs in this play come from the honest portrayal of these people in all of their pain and honesty and insecurities.
Well, and a little bit from a bowl full of Doritos and some Moon Pies!

Today we finished our rough “Sketch” of Act I. I have a tendency, when I work, to sketch through the play through the first part of the rehearsal process. I like to put it on it’s feet, let the actors move and explore the relationships and the space and rough-block through the play, sort of the “Black and White Sketch” of what the final product will be. A handful of repetition of scenes, finding the movement patterns, but not yet delving too deeply into the detailed fine-tuning. We’ll save that tweaking for later; when we’ve finished the “Sketch” of the piece, we’ll do a Stumble-Thru of the whole piece, and then we’ll start at the beginning again, and start the polishing, adding the “color” to our sketch. We’re about a week away from that process – we’ll sketch Act II over the next 5 or 6 days, and then spend a week or so polishing the piece before we hit the Tech process.

So far so good!
20 days until First Preview!

More soon!

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