Rehearsal entry #2

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The second and third rehearsals have gone very well.

On Tuesday, we spent a lot of time playing with furniture placement, and letting the actors just move through the space. Since this is the first show in this space, we needed to see what some of the sightlines were going to be, and how to best lay out the furniture. Bart Bauer, our marvelous set designer, had given suggestions and said “But get in the theatre and try it out – you won’t know until you get in there!” He was right!

I was hoping to have the sofa in the center of the stage, so the actors could move around it. In my head, that gave us nice circular traffic patterns. Once we were in the space, it turned out that having the sofa in the center was an obstacle to both the sightlines and the traffic. So, we shoved it upstage, against the set wall. Thankfully, it works wonderfully! It really opened up a whole new batch of opportunities for the actors and I to explore. Michelle, our Stage Manager, remarked “It looks much more like a full, lived in apartment this way!” And she was right!

It’s early, but Aaron and Emily are already getting the rhythm of the piece. They’re the only two actors in Act I, and it’s written with a lot of overlapping dialogue – something they’ve both fully embraced. Later in the process, when they’ve gotten the scripts out of their hands and are more comfortable with lines, the dialogue is really going to crackle as these two characters work to overcome their awkwardness around each other.

I love when fun little moments are discovered by accident. On Wednesday Aaron, in a scene, accidentally spilled his drink. He kept the scene going and, since he’s in her apartment, his natural impulse was to silently apologize and clean up the mess. Well it turned into one of those great little moments of “real life” that I love onstage so much that we kept it. It worked for the action and flow of the scene, and contributed to the growth of their relationship nicely. A fun little discovery.

Three weeks from today is First Preview! 21 days!

More to come!

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  1. Anonymous  May 19, 2006

    First comment

    Ok Tony – I get to be the first one to leave a comment for you … one more thing volunteers get to do! This blog is great idea … enjoying your insight and watching it all come together. As I’m running around the building in the next few weeks trying to figure out what else I should be doing, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to catch a few minutes of rehearsal.

    And not that you’re busy or anything … but go see “Henry Boyle” – I was lucky enough to catch it on Wednesday and I’m ready for a return trip. Plus it gave me a chance to finally see the PR, and figure out what everyone is talking about!

    Thanks for your postings … keep them coming!


    • admin  May 20, 2006

      Re: First comment

      Hi there Tim!

      (For anybody else reading this – Tim is one of Williamston Theatre’s Uber-Volunteers – the guy’s awesome!)

      Glad you like the rehearsal journal idea – we’ll see how it goes, and if anyone enjoys reading it!

      I’m thinking I’ll be able to catch Henry Boyle next week. Gotta see WT’s Executive Director do his acting thing! Of course, John’s also going to be in the Fall show at WT, Rounding Third by Richard Dresser. That’s not been officially announced yet, so it’s a Rehearsal Blog Exclusive Sneak Peek!


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