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Well, rehearsals have begun for our first show at Williamston Theatre. I’m Tony Caselli, I’m Artistic Director of Williamston Theatre, and I’ll also be Directing the first show.

The show is Additional Particulars, by Ed Simpson. A sweet, funny play.

The first rehearsal went well. Our cast is great – Aaron Moore, Dennis North, Emily Sutton-Smith and Brian Thibault.

Rehearsal started with the usual paperwork – handled nicely by our Managing Director Chris Purchis, and the Stage Manager Michelle DiDomenico. Following that, Rachel Michel our Costume Designer took some measurements.

Then we did the first read thru. Very exciting. We’ve been working to make our new theatre company a reality for over a year and a half, and to get to this point is an exciting, scary thing!

After the read thru, we took everyone on a walk through of the building, which only took about 10 minutes – it’s not that big of a building! The big thing about the building is that we’re still…well…building it! The theatre space itself is under construction right now. (That’s the “scary” part I mentioned above!) We’re confident it’ll be ready for our first Preview performance, which is June 8th!

The cast did a great job with the reading – they’re really going to be fun to work with, and great in these roles. I’m looking forward to the rest of this week’s rehearsals!

That’s it for now, more soon! I’ll see if we can get some photos and things posted!
Oh, and if you’ve got questions or comments, feel free to post them below! As long as things remain, well, appropriate and civil, we’ll keep this an open forum! 🙂

Bye now!

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