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Here’s what I like about working with good designers:

They come in with ideas.
They discuss the play with directors.
They go through the collaborative process with directors and thing that’s ultimately better than either of them had originally thought of comes to life.

See the following 3 pictures to follow the progression of the Set Design process that the designer Sally Converse-Doucette and I worked through for Hate Mail.

First Idea:

Then, following a great round of discussion about the play, our production of it, and some specific “flexibility in staging” thoughts, as well as some thoughts on lighting and the background:

Then, following a bit of rehearsal, where some practical issues and “closer to final” details were discussed, we got the final version:

This shows the set sort of what it will look like at the close of each performance, with letters and postcards and the lives of these two people spread out all over the stage. I really like this design, and seeing it come together onstage is a lot of fun.

-Tony Caselli
Director, Hate Mail

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