Previews tonight!

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Well we’re very excited around here, we start previews tonight for Guys On Ice!

This show has been a ton of fun to work on, and we’re ready for an audience.

I love the preview process, because people pay a lower price, and they see a show that’s ready to open, but not as polished as it will be after a few performances in front of a crowd, when the actors can really develop their timing. In addition, I get to watch the audience as they watch the show, and see where they’re fully engaged, and where they drop out and start thinking about how much they want to stop at White Castle on the way home. Knowing both of those things helps! Plus, we do a talkback after the first few previews, so I can hear straight from the audience what they thought.

Then, we have a few hours of rehearsal through the preview week to polish and clean moments based on what we’ve learned before our Official Press Opening, when we stop rehearsing and let the show run!

It’s a great time, and I can’t wait to start it tonight!


Tony Caselli

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  1. admin  October 5, 2007

    Thanks, Mary!

    White Castle is wonderful! You don’t have those where you are?!

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