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The weekend of previews for Maidens, Mothers and Crones went very well! We got some useful feedback from the preview audiences, and the show is really coming together beautifully. Lots of laughs, and a good amount of eye-wiping at just the right times! Director, playwright, cast and crew are all doing tremendous work, and the audiences have been very responsive and appreciative. Word of mouth is selling tickets nicely, we’re all hoping that continues! (In fact, we sold out the first preview and unfortunately had to turn people away! And the other houses were very full – yay!)

The next couple days will be some good rehearsal time of polishing and tweaking moments in the play: Suzi (the director) and Annie (the playwright) have a handful of things they want to adjust to really fine-tune the thing. The biggest thing that will happen is that two scenes are having their positions in the play swapped. The scenes both work very well, but we’re all in agreement that the flow of the play as a whole will be improved with the flip-flopping of their places in the show. So – if you’ve seen the show, come on out and see the changes and tell us what you think! 🙂

Also, we had a round of General Auditions last night for our upcoming season, and I’m really happy with the amount and quality of folks coming out. Sometimes it shocks me when audience members ask me “Now where do you get your actors from?” because so many of them expect theatres in this state to be shipping in actors from the “Big Name” towns: New York, L.A., etc… I love the please/impressed/surprised reaction you get from folks unfamiliar to the theatre when they find out that most of the great talent onstage here in Michigan actually comes from Michiganians (Michiganders? You pick…).

So, lots going on: More auditions today, some rehearsals and Opening Night later in the week, the Official Announcement of our 2008-2009 Season coming in a few days, as well as our announcement of Summer classses. It’s a wonderful, busy time here at WT! Hope you get a chance to come out and be a part of it!

Tony Caselli
Artistic Director

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