Our Luxury Cruise around Thebes has begun!

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And by "luxury cruise around Thebes", I mean "Rehearsal process for our production of Oedipus at The Williamston Theatre"!  🙂

Last night’s first rehearsal was wonderful – it’s always fun when launching a new project – there’s such a great air of excitement and possibility.  Fun reunions of old friends who haven’t worked together in ages, mixed with introductions of people who’ve never worked together, all bundled together with folks who’ve worked together a lot!  
First Rehearsal always starts out with introductions, paperwork, costume measurements, that kind of stuff.  Then we have the First Read-Thru.  This is the first time (usually) the Director, Designers and production staff get to hear the play read out loud by the whole cast. 

Here at the Williamston Theatre we invite our Signature Society to all of the First Read-Thru’s.  The Signature Society is our "Giving Society", it’s a collection of wonderful people who pledge a large amount of financial support to the theatre yearly.  Inviting them in on the behind-the-scenes peek at rehearsal is a fun way to thank them for their support, and for us to get to know each other a little more!  I think they enjoy the advance look/listen of the piece because then they get to come back and see how we took the piece from the page to the stage.  Especially on a piece like this one, where the adaptation will be continually tweaked and adjusted – Annie Martin (seen below in a picture) and I are adapting the script, and it’s been a lot of fun.  Hearing the reading last night was greatly helpful and we made a few small cuts/tweaks/revisions in rehearsal right afterwards.  We’ll do that all the way through Opening Night, I expect.

More to come on this exciting project!  In the meantime, thanks for reading!
Tony Caselli

Here are a few pics from the First Read-Thru:

Me, on the framework of the set, chatting with the cast before the reading: Jamie Weeder, Brandon Piper,
John Michael Manfredi, Sandra Birch, Barton Bund


Jamie Weeder, Brandon Piper, John Michael Manfredi, Sandra Birch, Barton Bund,
Lighting Designer Dana White, me, and Playwright Annie Martin.

Sandra Birch, Barton Bund

Jamie Weeder, Brandon Piper, John Michael Manfredi

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