Opening Night!

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Well, Opening Night has come and gone. I spent the day stalking around trying to be useful, only partly succeeding.

Opening Night is odd for directors, because we’re essentially done. We wander around being supportive, but trying to stay out of the way of the people who still have work to do! The cast, crew, staff all have tasks for the night. The director, on Opening Night, mostly wanders around being cheerful and supportive and trying to NOT spread their nervousness!

It’s also difficult in the sense that you’re going away. Your job is done – you’ll be giving no notes, making no more decisions – you’ve helped shepherd this piece from the page to the stage, and now you have to let everyone else take over. So, you’ve been a big part of this family, creating the piece, and now you’re leaving the family. You may come back once or twice during the run to see how it’s going, offer some advice, but the family has pretty much “grown up and moved on”! So, of course, there’s a great sense of pride and accomplishment, but also a little bit of loss as you go away!

The Opening Night itself went very well – the show played wonderfully, the audience was very responsive. We had a great “First Ever Opening Night” Party in the lobby afterwards, and a fun time was had by all. (From the Artistic Directors POV: We need to improve our air conditioner in the theatre. The lobbies were nice and cool – the theatre, not so much. We’ll be working on that!)

Now, as we hope for big ticket sales and wait for reviews (to see if they’ll help with ticket sales or not!), we slide into the second part of making plays – maintaining the run. For the next 4 or 5 weeks the actors and crew will do the show 5 times a week. Things will slide into a comfortable routine, and the company will begin working on the next production.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this journal of rehearsal thoughts. It’s been fun to do, and we’ll be continuing them for the rest of the season. We’ll continue to play with the format, so feel free to chime in if there’s anything you’d like to hear more about!

For now – thanks for reading! This has been an exciting time for Williamston Theatre, I’m glad you came along! Now, wherever you may be, go out there and support your local professional theatre!


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  1. happybunnydin  June 19, 2006

    Congratulations and I’ll definitely be looking forward for updates to come. 🙂

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