Opening a Sold Out Show!!

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Tonight we open our two-week run of Every Christmas Story Ever Told!!, and almost the whole run is sold out already!

This is a new thing for us here at Williamston Theatre, and we’re thrilled about it! Although, it does create the problem of having to tell a LOT of folks that we don’t have any more tickets… even though that’s a “good problem” to have, we hate turning people away!

We tried to alleviate that a little bit by adding a performance – we have an additional Wednesday night show next week – but that sold out pretty quickly also! Unfortunately, the schedule doesn’t have room for any more additional shows. If we decide to try and make this show a “Tradition”, and do it again in 2008, maybe we’ll add a 3rd week of shows.

It’s been wonderful, though, how SO MANY of the folks we’ve had to turn away have been good-spirited about it, despite being turned away. A lot of comments like “Well, shoot – that’s wonderful for you guys!” and “I’m so glad you’re doing well! We’ll just have to get tickets earlier next time!”.

Oh, and before I forget: ART tickets go on sale next week, and we’re hoping to get a good audience for that short 4 week run, too!

Happy December 13th!

Tony Caselli
Artistic Director

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