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In some very fun emails, Ed Simpson and the WT staff were discussing the concerns that Acts I and II could use a little more “cohesiveness”. We agreed that we like the play as it is but Ed, just for fun, whipped up a new little scene in Act II. (Ed, if I’ve not mentioned, is a great guy, and very funny!)

It’s not meant for the stage, really, it’s meant to make us laugh. And it did. So, with his permission, I’m reprinting it here, behind the link below.

Of course, it’s funniest if you’ve seen or read the play – but either way, feel free! I love it when a writer has a sense of humor about their own work!


See if this doesn’t do the trick….

In the second act, Raymond and Kenny are hard at work.  They move one stack of boxes and what should they find behind them but Glenda and Warren!  The two lovebirds have slipped away from work and have rendezvoused in the storage room, looking for some much desired privacy…if you know what I mean!

Our boys discover Glenda and Warren covered in orange Dorito crumbs, clothes in some disarray, and engaged in a passionate make-out session!  This is an awkward situation and they are all surprised and more than a bit confused…and not in that good kind of way.

They have the following meaningful and cohesive interchange:

KENNY – Jeez-o-beezus!

RAY – (SURPRISED.) What are you doing here?

WARREN – What are you doing here?

GLENDA – (SIMULTANEOUSLY.) – doing here?

RAY – I asked you first!

GLENDA – And we asked you second!

WARREN – (SIMULTANEOUSLY.) – you second!

RAY – Why you I oughta – !

KENNY – Jeez-o-beezus!

…and the hilarity ensues.

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  1. Anonymous  June 24, 2006

    One Final Thought ….

    Ha ha!! That’s a good one … that would really get the audience going! Quick! – re-block that portion of the show, and reposition a few lights to better highlight that area. But if Glenda and Warren get to be in Act II, let’s see if you can work Raymond and Kenny into Act I. You know …. have them peering into the window in Glenda’s apartment, etc. 🙂


    • admin  June 27, 2006

      Re: One Final Thought ….

      Raymond and Glenda peering in the window?! Now THAT’S a little creepy!

      But I bet it’d be funny!

      Thanks Tim!

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