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Well, the first week of previews went quite well. Great audience feedback.

The cast and I went back to work on Tuesday, and polished a big handful of moments. Aaron and Emily and I worked on some great stuff, changing the energy and intention of a couple of sections (such as the moment with the book, for those of you who have seen it or will see it – we brought that down and made it a little more conversational.) In general, I’d built up some of Act I to be a little faster and bigger than I think it ultimately needed to be, so we had a great time playing with those moments and pulling them back a bit.

It’s funny how many times, after 21 or 22 professional directing jobs, I still have to remind myself “Simpler is better!”. It’s often the harder thing to do, but it always comes down to keeping it simple!

So, yep, Aaron, Emily, Dennis, Brian and I had a great time polishing and fine tuning a bunch of moments in both Act I and Act II.

Tonight is final preview. No talkback after this one, (there’s not much time to change much, even if we wanted to, so no talkback.)
Notes tonight will be fairly light, for a couple of reasons – I like the show, and the way it’s working. Also, though, this is the time when the director has to back off, and go away – the cast can settle in, and the Stage Manager will take over maintaining the show. I’ll see it a few more times during the run and maybe have a note session, but it’ll be up to the SM and cast to maintain it.

Ed Simpson, the playwright comes into town this afternoon. He’ll see tonights show, then see Opening Night. Looking forward to chatting with him in person, instead of just over the phone!

Next up – the Opening Night report and final entry for this show!

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